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Council: The College Council is the governing body of QMary. Comprising 19 members, of whom 10 are external members. Thus Council is responsible for overseeing the strategic mission, direction and affairs of the College. Council sits at the pinnacle of the College's corporate governance framework, and convenes on six occasions per year.

QMary wages: The ninety highest paid staff at Queen Mary (those paid more than £100,000) cost the college £12m per year. This is an increase of 163% since 2006, and of 196% since 2004.
As almost anywhere wages at QMary are not determined by how hard you work, but on whether you stand in a position of power (managerial, educational, etc.):
PhD Student £ 15,600
Catering £ 16, 000
Security guard £ 20,000
Admin Staff £ 24,500
Junior Lecturer £ 37, 600
Human Manager £ 46, 800
Head of Department £ 85,000
Principal Simon Gaskell £ 250,000+

The above salaries are approximate and have been taken from several online job advertisement. The Principal's salary is public. For comparisons with other UK Universities see:
The Top-paying Universities, Guardian, 14/03/2010

Staff and student numbers
Service-based staff is 475. Of those 46% are women, whilst 57% tick the ‘white’ box when asked for their ethnicity.

Equalities Impact Assessment Reports

In 2007 it was estimated that 69% of London’s population is 'white'.

Office for National Statistics:;jsessionid=ac1f930c30d802253c52546d4d588575d35bfb6de2b7?a=3&b=276743&c=London&d=13&e=13&g=325264&i=1001x1003x1004&m=0&r=1&s=1284130602750&enc=1&dsFamilyId=1812&nsjs=true&nsck=true&nssvg=false&nswid=1003

Admin staff is 1528. Of these 64% are women, and 71% white.
Academic staff is 1665, of whom only 39% are women and 78% are white.
The total students population is 16726, of whom 69% are home students, 31% overseas students.

This figure includes 1919 Chinese students enrolled at the Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications for courses in collaboration with departments at QMary.

Overseas student numbers Queen Mary, Student Administration, (student population details by level(UG/PG) and department) (intranet)

Queen Mary Annual Review (2006)

Queen Mary Financial Statement 2008-2009

//London countermap\\

Bail out

'Studentification': a guide to opportunities, challenges and practice, 2006, Universities UK

HEFCE Higher Education Founding Council for England

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)

//UK countermap\\

Immigration Removal Centres

Research Excellence Framework (REF)


Deported: Artists and Academics Barred from the UK, Manifesto Club: for freedom in everyday life

Our own and our friends' experiences.


Yarl’s Wood IRC Hunger Strike on the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns website

Middlesex Philosophy Occupation

King’s College No Cuts Campaign

UCU Education Rally and Strike

Sussex Occupation

Calais No Border Camp

QMary Gaza Occupation

//World countermap\\

VSF GLobal

Creative Commons Licence




Home Office, Control of Immigration: quarterly statistical summary, UK, October-December 2009

Entry Clearance statistics 2008-2009

UK Council for International Student Affairs

Deportation data from the UK Border Agency

//Points-Based Immigration Scheme\\

Students Not suspects. Campaign in opposition to UK Points-Based Immigration

UK Colleges Blacklisted by the UKBA go to Court, in UK Student News and Events

Other interesting sources that are not in the map...

CAAT - Campaign Against Arms Trade, Clean Investment Universities and Colleges, Queen Mary (2005)


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