Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Campaign Against Cuts and Fees at QMUL

We got this email from the QMUL AGAINST CUTS Campaign:

"The Browne report has now been released and is largely as feared. You can download it in all it's glory here: but media coverage has so far been very good and is an easier option than trawling through the 64 pages of this report. While this is a Stop the Cuts mailing list I'm keen to emphasise the question of HE funding is one side of the same coin as the cuts. The Browne report represents the first salvo in this battle. Cuts in state funding to HE are only possible if individual contributions by students are to be radically increased to, at least partly, cover the shortfall. In line with general government strategy funding is shifting from the State to the Individual with little concern as to ability to pay (the 'Big Society'). Resistance to the lifting of the cap on fees (as this report recommends) is a key part of the battle against cuts. With Vince Cables announcement that the graduate tax is off the table it looks increasingly likely that the recommendations in this report will be adopted. The next key date is the 20th October and the release of the Comprehensive Spending Review, at which point we should know the full extent of the cuts to both HE and the public sector.

Progress has been made on several of the proposals agreed at the last general meeting. We are calling a protest at QM to coincide with the release of the Spending Review and the nationwide anti-cuts day of action. Please join the facebook event:


QMUL Stop the Cuts Protest
Wednesday 20th October
13:00 - 15:00
Library Square, Mile End Campus

Bring your friends, megaphones and loudest voices to library square so we can fight cuts at QM and show solidarity to institutions and individuals all over the country being crippled by unfair cuts!


A protest from ULU to Downing Street has also been called on the same day. After our demonstration at QM we plan on heading to ULU to join students from other universities to protest against cuts


Stop the Con-Dem Cuts Protest
Wednesday 20th October
16:00 at ULU

Freeze the Cuts. Cut the Fees. Cut Bonuses not Books. Fund Welfare not Warfare


A motion has been tabled for the next student council meeting as follows:


This union believes:
Cuts to academic departments, staff and resources is detrimental to the learning and educational environment of students at QMUL. Cuts are unnecessary and are not the only solution in the current financial climate.

This Union resolves:
To oppose any and all budget cuts at Queen Mary including, but not limited to, job losses, removal of degree courses and/or departments, and removal of learning resources.

This Union Notes:
Although the scale of the cuts at this point is speculative pending the release of the Browne Report (12/10/2011) and the Comprehensive Spending Review (20/10/2011) it is likely higher education is to receive cuts of around 35% broken down in to a 15% cut in research funding and a 70% cut in teaching funding


As previously noted students cannot vote at this meeting but are welcome to attend and speak, so please come along and speak in support


QMUL Student Council meeting
Thursday 14th October
18:30 - 20:30
Council Room, Queens Building, Mile End Campus


A demonstration on the 23rd October has also been called by the RMT, FBU, NUT and PCS trade unions. Please come along and support.


No to Cuts demonstration
Saturday 23rd October
11:00 am
Assemble at Unity House, 9 Chalton Street, Euston, London NW1 1JD


There is a lot of dates for your calendar here but the only way that progress can be made on these issues is by making ourselves heard in increasingly large numbers. With the release of the Browne Report we are beginning to enter a stage where the speculation ends and the harsh reality of these policies begins. Take action, demonstrate, occupy!


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