mapping resources from Alberto Toscano

below is an amazingly comprehensive list of mapping texts, films, maps, articles - basically everything you could ever want to know, courtesy of Alberto Toscano

More resources on mapping

Fredric Jameson, 'Cognitive Mapping'
Fredric Jameson, 'Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism'
Fredric Jameson, 'Future City'
Fredric Jameson, 'The Brick and the Balloon'
Fredric Jameson, 'Culture and Finance Capital'
Fredric Jameson, 'Fear and Loathing in Globalization'
Dixon and Zonn, 'Confronting the Geopolitical Aesthetic'
Lee Konstantinou, 'The Brand as Cognitive Map in William Gibson's Pattern Recognition'
Andrew Dix, '“Do you want this world left on?”: Global Imaginaries in the Films of Michael Winterbottom'
Tanner Mirrlees, 'Cognitive Mapping or, the Resistant Element in the Work of Fredric Jameson'
Alberto Toscano and Jeff Kinkle, 'Baltimore as World and Representation: Cognitive Mapping and Capitalism in The Wire'
Ed Soja on the postmodern city (video)
Terry Eagleton, 'Jameson and Form'
Mike Davis, 'Urban Renaissance and the Spirit of Postmodernism'
Jean-Luc Godard and Jean Pierre Gorin, Letter to Jane (film essay)

Susan Buck-Morss, 'Envisioning Capital: Political Economy on Display'
Sergei Eisenstein, 'Notes for a film of Capital'
Annette Michelson, 'Reading Eisenstein Reading Capital (part 1)'
Annette Michelson, 'Reading Eisenstein Reading Capital (part 2)'
Fredric Jameson, 'Marx and Montage'
Noel Castree, 'Envisioning Capitalism: Geography and the Renewal of Marxian Political Economy'
Susan Buck-Morss, 'Visual Empire'
Doreen Massey, 'Politics and Space/Time'
Alberto Toscano, 'Money, Militancy, Pedagogy: Godard 1967-1972'
Iain Boal, 'Global Talk: The Cartographic Logic of Capitalism'
Deepankar Basu, 'What is Neo-liberalism, Practically? - A Picture of Finance Capital, or The Income Pyramid Under Capitalism'
Louis Althusser, 'Cremonini, Painter of the Abstract' From Lenin and Philosophy and Other Essays
Louis Althusser, 'From Capital to Marx's Philosophy' From Reading Capital
Sergei Eisenstein, October (film)
On Joris Ivens
Marcel l'Herbier, L'Argent
Adam Curtis, The Mayfair Set
Melanie Gilligan, Crisis in the Credit System
Excerpt from Network (on capitalism and delirium)

Guy Debord, 'Theory of the Dérive'
Guy Debord, 'Critique of Urban Geography'
Franco Moretti, 'Modern European Literature: A Geographical Sketch'
Franco Moretti, 'Graphs, Maps, Trees-1'
Franco Moretti, 'Graphs, Maps, Trees-2'
Franco Moretti, 'Graphs, Maps, Trees-3'
Franco Moretti, 'Markets of the Mind'
Franco Moretti, 'Planet Hollywood'
Robert T. Tally, 'Literary Cartography'
Charles Booth Online Archive (Maps of London Poverty)
Peter Wollen, 'Situationists and Architecture'
Sébastien Caquard and D. R. Fraser Taylor, 'What is Cinematic Cartography?'
Tom Conley, 'Locations of Film Noir'
Sebastien Caquard, 'Foreshadowing Contemporary Digital Cartography: A Historical Review of Cinematic Maps in Films'
Teresa Castro, 'Cinema's Mapping Impulse: Questioning Visual Culture'
Critical Cartographies: A Collection of Readings
Elvin Wyly et al., 'Measurement and Mobilization: Mapping the Institutional and Legal Spaces of Subprime Mortgage Capital'
Maps in literature, movies and TV (archive of clips)
Tom McDonough, 'Delirious Paris: Mapping as a Paranoiac-Critical Activity'

Brian Holmes, 'Flowmaps, the Imaginaries of Global Integration'
Brian Holmes, 'Mapping Excess, Seeking Uses' (+ materials and maps from université tangente + bureau d'études)
Brian Holmes, 'Guattari's Schizoanalytic Cartographies'
Brian Holmes, 'The Speculative Performance: Art's Financial Futures'
Samuel Weber on Networks, Netwar and Narratives
Trevor Paglen website
Trevor Paglen talk on dark geography at Google
Paglen and Thompson on Torture Taxi (video)
Terminal Air by Trevor Paglen & the Institute for Applied Autonomy
Peter Galison, 'Removing Knowledge'
Counter-Cartographies Collective: Mapping Knowledge Economies and the University
Crisis mapping
Autonomous Geographies
Christopher Kullenberg and Karl Palmås, 'Contagiontology'
Experimental Geography
Bruno Latour, 'Paris: Invisible City'
The West Wing: Why are We Changing Maps? (clip)
Visualizing Social Networks
Ashley Hunt website (A World Map)
We Are Here Maps Archive

Yuriko Furuhata, 'Returning to Actuality: Fûkeiron and the Landscape Film'
New Topographics
Edward Burtynsky on Manufactured Landscapes
Sabu Kohso, 'Ciné-activism in an Archipelagic World'
Allan Sekula, 'Polonia and Other Fables'
Edward Burtynsky, 'Oil'
Interview with Allan Sekula
Camilo José Vergara and Howard Gillette, Invincible Cities
Masao Adachi, AKA Serial Killer (extract 1) (film)
Masao Adachi, AKA Serial Killer (extract 2) (film)
Masao Adachi & Koji Wakamatsu, Sekigun-PFLP: Sekai Senso Sengen (The Red Army/PFLP: Declaration of World War) (film)